How to get motivated to work when you are rich, lazy, and successful.


I have been playing with the idea that success – in some form – can lead to becoming unmotivated, lazy, and ultimately failing in the area of your life you were successful in. I saw people that retired from work – and did nothing with their life but slowly waste away. I saw lottery winners squander their wealth and become even more unhappy then they were before winning the money. I believed that if your life suddenly became easy – you stopped trying and your success became your downfall.

In March 2019 I was definitely feeling it as well. After a month long vacation in Peru, I found myself in Equador in an Airbnb with nothing to do. At the time I was incredibly lazy – I only got out of my bed for food, and with restaurants serving their daily special meals for only $2-3 USD, I felt like I never needed to work again. Life was easy, and I had no desire to do anything but watch netflix during the day, and party at night.

But I began to realize that I was getting far too lazy for my own good – and I had a quote from Tony Robbins in the back of my mind which would tell me “if your not growing, you are dying”. I thought that maybe it was time to get more serious and have a look into why I am being so lazy.

My first thought was that I had no motivation to do anything because my life had become too easy. I had no pressures of any kind to direct me. However, I now realize that this is simply not true, and that although you may relax a little more when you have no pressures on you – it doesn’t mean that you have to become lazy or unmotivated. There is no reason why success or wealth should destroy all of your motivation. You just simply need something interesting to do, which will capture your attention, excite you, and make you want to work to complete a new goal.

I began to start working again – but it was difficult. I hated every minute of it – and even the thought of opening up my computer and working made me tired. I decided that my best bet was to take some time to try to get inspired again. I decided to watch “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi” on netflix – a documentary about Jiro – a restaurant owner in Tokyo who loved to work. For me, the film was not actually about sushi, but about the way in which someone can come to love their work and really excel and find success in their field.

I realized that the key to becoming motivated to work was right in front of my eyes. Jiro loved his job so much that he would actually dream about sushi. Jiro says:

Once you have decided upon your occupation, you must immerse yourself in your work. You have to fall in love with your work. Never complain about your job – you must dedicate your life to mastering your skill. That is the secret to being regarded as honourably. 

Im not sure if this is the best advice for everyone – as I think Jiro is a little too obsessed with his work – But Jiro did understand that you really needed to enjoy what you do. If I could find a way to fall in love with my work, I would be more excited about work and regain my motivation. I tried a number of tactics at once:

  • I began to think about new projects I would like to work on.
  • I began to ask questions about topics I knew I was interested in so that I could become curious about it.
  • I began to revive old interests by watching inspiring work related movies
  • I began to start doing other thinks I knew I was interested in, instead of partying

After a few days I had an idea for a new application and I was excited. I know that just because you are feeling unmotivated, and just because you dont need to work – doesnt meant that you cant feel motivated. And those statistics you will find all over the internet that say “70% of all lottery winners end up going broke” are a lie. Check the source and you will see that they state they got this from NEFE. However on NEFE’s own website they state “This statistic is not backed by research from NEFE, nor can it be confirmed by the organization. Frequent reporting—without validation from NEFE—has allowed this “stat” to survive online in perpetuity.”.