Slack Presence Problem


One of the major problems with slack (as of 2017), is that it doesn’t allow you to set your presence. Slack will change your presence of ‘active’ when you click or type, and automatically change your status to ‘away’ or ‘offline’ after a half hour. The major inconvenience with this feature is that it suggests to others that you are not available to chat, and that you will not respond to any sent messages. If your using slack at work, it gives the appearance that you are literally slacking.

I demanded a solution! and so I created Slack Presence Scheduler (visit an online app which allows you to keep an ‘active status’ no matter how long you have been away from your computer. Imagine all of the the great activities you could be doing while it looks like your working hard online. It was created to allow people to give the appearance that they are working at their computers – but in reality could be anywhere. Get ready to take back your day with this amazing life hack! And the best part? Its 100% free.